Seeking to improve your company efficiency?

Embrace Business Intelligence

There is plenty of data for the ones that are eager to discover, we provide tools that helps you to connect, organize and find insights, improving the efficiency of your business.

From Intelligence to Wisdom

Get new data

We connect  your data warehouse to new data sources showing the key insights relevant  to your business, gain awareness about the forces that moves your business forward.

Improve your performance

Know if you are meeting your operational goals, plan which actions to take in order to improve the Key Performance Indicators(KPI), increase sales, cut unneeded costs and avoid bottle necks.

Secure your data

Control who has authorized access to which data resource in order to avoid data leaks that endangers your organization. We know how important is the safety for you, we work with NDA and we select an strategy that maximizes your data safety.

Amazing data sources









Situa develops and integrates APIs for new and legacy enterprise, corporation and companies. Our APIs facilitates access
to application data, functionality and business logic. We create APIs systems for mobile, desktop, cloud,
web sockets, Service Oriented Architectures SOA, firmware and databases.

Beautiful dashboards

Visualizations that makes the right impact

Visuals affects on how you understand the data,
how you understand the data impacts on your business health.

Your gears fine tuned

Machine learning

Machine learning is a toolset highly important for analysing, classifying and structuring your data. Be ready for different future scenarios with predictive analysis or find out data anomalies that can put your business health at risk.

Data architecture

We provide data modeling and architecting services. How you organize your data resources is of key importance in every organization that wants to keep and increases its value over time with efficient data management cycles.

What our customers says:

"Situa develops for us a custom APIs and advice us on how to structure our data improving our data management cycle. They did a very professional job!"

Pedro Trillo. CEO.

"We required profesional training on Business Intelligence and programming for our Data Analysts. Their workshop surpassed our expectations."

Oliver Thompson. Data Analyst. Deloitte

"The services are rock solid. We've worked with Situa Analytics on several projects on data analytics and the out of the box thinking and delivery has been spot on."

Janne Kytanen. DA. 3DSystems

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