SERVICE BI: Integrate BI in your company

Introducing the Power of Business Intelligence into your company is an straight forward process with Situa ServiceBI.

We believe that our customers are the ones that knows their business best. We empower our clients with an Integrated Business Intelligence Solution that will quickly integrate BI in your organization.

Service 1. Data source integration:

Together with you, we analyze the current data architechture of your organization, looking up for opportunities of integrating new data sources that can add qualitative value to your Intelligence.


Such data sources can be integrated externally from API’s or available from third party databases, in other cases the data is already in your organization but it needs to be organized and/or accessible for posterior analysis.


Example: A real state company that works with Gas Station properties, improves their business intelligence by integrating new data sources, such as Road Traffic statistics, Crime Statistics and rental price by location. Now they have a criteria for looking for locations efficiently.

Service 2. Data processing:

Sometimes the raw data has intrinsic value but it needs to be cleaned up, prepared or classified in order to deliver that value to the Intelligence of an organization.


When required, we integrate advanced software that will convert your raw data into highly valuable and organized knowledge.


Example: A retail company has a list of their customers profile defined by serveral variables: age, gender, monthly spending and postal code… their business intelligence is improved by a software that creates a summary of the few and most important customer profiles to focus when designing the advertising campaigns.

Service 3. Dashboard implementation:

We design and implement a Dashboards that shows all the vital information about your organization, such visuals can be accessed offline or online, in desktop computers or mobile, accessible from a new internet site or integrated in your existing ERP.

The dash board are completely configurable and extensible.


Example: A supply chain company  needs to monitor in real time with a Dashboard different data such as Shipping costs by country, batch returns by reason, batch returns by customer and country, made to order plan vs actual time… this panel allows the logistics director to know if the operational goals are being met.

Service 4. Training in PowerBI for self-service:

If any of the previous modules has been implemented accordingly to your needs, we can setup a training workshop for teaching the analysts at your company how to Self-service with PowerBI.

This includes for instance learning on how to make queries in the databases, how to research new questions or how to create new graphs and extend the dashboard.


This is a helpful service for the companies that wants to become independent and save costs.  More information about training here.

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Business Intelligence is a discipline that helps business to increase their knowledge about their market, internal processes and data, leading to an accurate and confident decision making that improves the business efficiency and ROI.

We summarize the concept of Business Intelligence in three main ideas:

1- Get more and better quality data.

2- Prepare and process your data visualizing the results in order to get to know the key insights.

3- Based on the insights, make the right actions and decisions.

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Power BI is the Microsoft ‘s Business Intelligence tool with the biggest and faster growing market share. Once Power BI is connected to your database/ETL/warehouse and set up, you’ll be able to visualize and analyze your data.


Power BI introduces the concept of BI Self Service that allows you to generate custom queries and visualizations in an easy, powerful and independent manner.



Situa Analytics is a certified partner of Microsoft, and we use and adapt Power BI for our customers: Introducing the power of Business Intelligence into your data infrastructure.

Situa ServiceBI integrates custom software in Power BI for machine learning, data analytics and mining in order to perform data filtering, classification and gathering from different data sources.

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