From CCTV Video to Key Insights

Video Analytics for retail

Get more information about your potential customers gaining awareness about what is happening in your retail. Understand the dynamics in order to optimize your sales.

Get insights from your CCTV system

Analyse the client behavior

Learn about the behavior of your customers in order to increase your sales. Analyse the profile of your potential customers and find which products gets more attention. Monitor.

Improve your performance

Find the parameters that matters for the performance of your business as for example: time spent per visit or conversion rate of visits vs. sales. Design your retail in order to maximise your products visibility.

Protect customer's privacy

Our software is compliant with the customer’s data protection normative. Keep your customer’s privacy safe and at the same time gather useful information of your retail.

Find out retail unknowns

Number of customers that enters a sales point

Customer's walking

Gender and age
customer's estimation

Number of non buying

Loss prevention and violent

Impacts of publicity
banner or products

In every environment